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Cancelling Orders For A Few Cent Difference

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One thing that frugal shoppers always ask themselves is how much cheaper does a product have to be to make you go out of your way to make a purchase? I had a funny example recently where I bought an item online that was definitely a lot cheaper than usual. Thinking I had the best deal a competitor then offered the same product for five cents cheaper. I couldn’t help to think if I should have cancelled my order and order it from this new place even though it is only five cents cheaper.

Sure enough I ended up just cancelling the order and ordering it from the place that was cheaper for five cents. Would you consider this as being way too frugal for very little savings? I know some people wouldn’t do this unless there was say a ten percent difference in the price. Because to them the hassle of cancelling and ordering elsewhere is too time consuming I suppose for the effort. I suppose for myself it’s more about the habit and being consistent. This will influence your other spending habits too.

At times I find it strange where people work so hard to save say ten dollars which involved them lining up for three hours yet in like this case the savings seem too small to take maybe two minutes to do. Like there you kind of need the consistency. Otherwise your major savings effort in one avenue will simply be countered elsewhere. Of course if you are saying it would take you like two hours to do the order change then that may be a different story.

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