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Calling Oneself As An Expert Guru With No Portfolio

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This was a little odd as I was doing some research on a person who was advertising his service where he was branding himself as an expert in his field. He started to advertise how he has created tons of ventures that has generated a large amount of publicity where he can offer the same to others for a fee. While that sounded nice I did some research and actually located some of his work. The odd thing was they gained almost no traction by the looks of it and that didn’t fit the image he was portraying. Afterwards I found out that most of his work was actually using things like computer generated views.

That should always be a red flag I think when people start to identify themselves as some kind of expert who will charge you like thousands of dollars to do something. If they can’t really show you their portfolio work upfront without you having to do the research yourself then that is a good sign that something is wrong. I feel the only real exception is if you say can’t talk about a recent project due to NDA’s as an example.

In some ways just like wealthy people I usually don’t feel people should have to advertise themselves like crazy as a guru of sorts. The results should speak for themselves.

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