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Calculating Vendor Voucher Values

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There is an event today at the PNE area here called the Taste of The City where various vendors rented a booth to allow people to sample their food or beverages in hopes to encourage them to visit their restaurants. The admission was free but you had to purchase these tickets where you could buy 10 for $5 or 20 for $10. Each sample portion or say large drink would require X amount of tickets with most of them being two from what I saw.

Taste of the City Citytv

Taste of the city PNE

I couldn’t but to help notice how so many people were actually comparing the value of the food to determine what they would use their tickets on. Some of the portions were pretty small for certain vendors and they were asking for six tickets such as for this small slice of duck meat. Of course, people would be debating if it was worth it or not by comparing how each ticket was essentially worth 50 cent each and comparing that to trying to buy something similar with plain money.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the atmosphere I guess where the whole point is to worry less about money. At the same time, I guess it is like say buying Disneyworld money and spending it. I remember the last time I was there the prices for items in comparison to buying it normally outside of that place was astronomically high. I guess it’s one of those you want to have fun but at the same time don’t want to simply throw money way.

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