Buying Things So People Stop Asking About It
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Buying Things So People Stop Asking About It

This was kind of funny as my uncle was telling me how he really misses having the ability to listen to music on his computer due to him having to buy and setup a brand new one. I was then saying how he should buy a portable mp3 player or upgrade his flip phone to a smartphone where he can have access to it all the time. He jokingly responded that he was seriously considering it since everyone advises him to do so and this way people would stop asking.

Come to think of it, that probably does happen a lot where what you have may suit you perfectly fine. However, everyone else with more modern day equipment continually react in a way as if it’s impossible for you to live like that and one would simply cave in and buy a new item. While that probably is bad in most cases, there are those times where using extremely outdated items can be slowing down your productivity which costs you money in the overall picture. People refusing to give up fax machines instead of e-mails can be an example.

Although, in most cases it does seem like simply a situation of social pressure. Keep an open mind but at the same time don’t just get things simply because others tell you too I guess you can say. It’s your bank account that would be affected at the end of the day.

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