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Buying More Gifts Than Intended

I had a friend tell me today how he has finished his Christmas shopping awhile ago. However, whenever he goes to the mall now he seems to always see something that would be a great gift as well and so he goes ahead and buys it. As a result, he is spending more money on gifts than intended. Kind of an ironic situation to happen as you would expect doing things like this earlier would help you save money.

Funny enough, I think when it comes to giving people gifts you shouldn’t think that the only time you can give people one are during special occasions. Example, if I see an item that I think a particular person would love I don’t see why I would need to necessarily wait for say a birthday to get them the item. If anything, I would treat that expense similar to people who say spend a lot of money on their morning coffee.

Would make it easier to budget too as opposed to spending so much extra money for a single month because of the mentality that all gifts can only be given during special occasions.

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