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Buying It Because It Costs So Little

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The other day I was talking to a person who was clamoring about this streaming movie service that he subscribes to. He was saying how for only about $10/month it enabled him to stream movies to his phone and that it was such a good deal. The interesting was that out of curiosity I asked him how many movies he watched a month on that device and he said about 3 times in the span of 6 months or so as he only uses it when he is on the road.

That just made me think how the purchase wasn’t so much about value where he used the item all the time but rather it’s one of those things where it sounds so inexpensive that there is no harm in purchasing it. I usually avoid things like this by trying to immediately thinking of say the entire yearly bill at once. Like in this case if it is $10/month then that means it would be about $120/year. For myself that definitely makes me think twice.

With that higher figure you just naturally start to think if you truly want to spend that much money on that item or if it would be better spent on something else.

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