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Buying Equipment Independently For Services

I was talking to a person who was still renting his cable modem from his service provider here he paid about $5/month for it. Apparently he has been doing it for years too. That then got me curious as to why he didn’t just outright buy it in the beginning as you could pretty much recoup the cost after a year or so. He mentioned that the modem would have cost about $120 if he decided to buy it which seemed steep.

I was then looking at the modem model and not surprisingly the exact same one could be obtained for about half the price at various retail stores. This holds true many times where if a service provider requires you to have an item to utilize the service it can often be cheaper to simply buy it from a third party source. It’s just that a lot of people would rather not go through the trouble in trying to locate it.

Even something as simple as entering the exact item you are looking for on a search engine can steer you the right way in finding a good deal.

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