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Buying A House Without A Real Estate Agent

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I was looking at this out of curiosity today as there seems to be more advertisement lately from people who are trying to sell their properties directly to the buyers without the use of a real estate agent. I was looking at various price listings and for the most part it seemed like people could save about $20,000 to $30,000 this way. I guess the question is would people have a peace of mind in doing this such as going through all the paper work?

Interesting enough most people don’t seem to be very comfortable in dong large transaction like these themselves and so in many ways they are willing to pay the commission. It makes me wonder though like with that if you are saving $30,000 on whether or not even using like a thousand for say a lawyer would be more cost effective if it is more of a peace of mind you are looking for. Have yet to try this myself, but maybe I will try it this year to see how much work it really takes to sell and buy a property without an agent.

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