Businesses Turning Customers Away Who Fear COVID-19

Businesses Turning Customers Away Who Fear COVID-19

This was kind of a twist in terms of the whole pandemic where a lot of businesses are either suggesting or demanding that people wear a mask before entering as a way to hopefully prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not surprisingly reactions have been mixed in these cases. So it was an interesting twist to read a story here about a hot yoga studio that essential told one of its customers not to attend because they wanted to wear a face mask. From reading the news it seemed like the business didn’t want the person to wear a mask as apparently the workout has made people faint due to the heat. I suppose a mask would technically make it worst.

Because of that they offered the customer a full refund and to find another place that could better cater to her. As you can imagine that raised a lot of human rights issues on whether or not a private business can actually do that in the same vein of a business demanding that people have to wear one. Because even in terms of demanding people to wear a mask many say a business has the right to do so and that you should shop elsewhere if you don’t like it. So would that be the same case here?

It’s almost like a situation where regardless of what one does you are going to make someone really mad. I would almost imagine in this case if the fear is the person would faint because of the heat then maybe a waiver signing would benefit both parties. Or would this truly be a no winner type of situation?

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