The Business of Leaking Your Own Launch Details

The Business of Leaking Your Own Launch Details

I was reading a few stories today of some anticipated tech items where for whatever reason the company is having a hard time keeping things under wrap. As a result tons of independent news sites have been spoiling the reveal. The interesting thing was how many people have said that it’s probably the company themselves who have leaked the details as a way to generate some viral buzz since it seems a little too coincidental.

I actually wouldn’t doubt this either as this isn’t the first time I have heard companies that try something like this. If you think about it too the business can generate more buzz as more publications would be eager to publish about it as it seems like they have something unique to report over others. I suppose in the end for the consumer it doesn’t really matter.

It’s really interesting from a business point of view though. Almost like those celebrity scandals where many famous people have say “nudes” or “sex tapes” that somehow found their way to the public. Like there, the idea of a “leak” just seems more newsworthy for many.

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