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Burning All Your Reward Points At Once

I discovered recently that a loyalty program for a certain company will be discontinuing this year. As a result, people need to redeem all their points before the end date. Otherwise all of your collecting efforts are essentially going to waste. It was kind of tricky to decide what I wanted in this scenario. Basically, I could either get tangible items that you can’t normally buy at the stores or simply retail products that I normally would buy. Basically, it’s like getting an item as a collectible even though I don’t really collect them or getting a product that I would actually use.

My train of thought at the moment is to get the collectibles and rare items as I would assume they would be worth more to a collector. As a result, the funds I would get would probably allow me to get more items that I would actually want. It’s just whether or not I would want to go through the hassle of flipping the item. Sometimes stacking all those reward points till the end can be good where in like this case they let loose a lot of rare items at the end.

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