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Bumping Into Similar Minded Other Entrepreneurs

It’s interesting where usually people say when it comes to meeting like-minded people for business you often have to go to business specific functions such as conventions or those networking events. I have never been too into events like those personally as you don’t really get to know people. Just today I was doing some hiking activity where as usual I met a lot of new people. The funny thing was how I was reflecting back on all other entrepreneurs I have met by just doing a hobby.

I guess as it turns out I suppose it’s one of those situations where people with a similar backgrounds often share similar hobbies and interest too. Kind of a good example in many ways on how you just never know when and where you can meet people where the both parties can equally contribute to each other’s success I guess you can say.

I often found too that a lot of successful people often stay very low key to the point where you probably would never guess that they are say a billionaire or something like that as they seem like just a regular person. That often means just being consistent in life with your own action and values as well often brings you similar like-minded people. Granted you may always bump into the complete opposite, but I have found personally that you can always bump into great business minded people just but doing the activities you enjoy.

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