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Building Your Own Brand While Working For Others

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Just recently I was reading about how a lot of local newspaper organizations have been laying off a bunch of people where I can only assume it means business isn’t doing very well. As well I was also reading various online outlets that were shutting down and similarly all those people were now out of work. There was one huge difference I noticed though. For a lot of the people who worked for the traditional media outlets they pretty much had to find something new. For people who were doing stuff online they basically transferred to their own personal sites and such where a lot of people simply followed them there.

It kind of brings up the topic on whether or not it is appropriate for you to always build your own business or brand while you are being employed by someone else. If there is no agreement of sorts stopping you then doesn`t that seem like the right thing to do? Because in many ways like here once a company becomes unprofitable as an example people will be let go to the point where if you are not prepared and essentially left everything with that business you are kind of in a sticky situation.

I know nowadays so many people are working as contractors of sort for these kinds of roles where you working for a company is simply providing exclusivity to whatever that project may be. Many companies do that to save money themselves if you think about it too. So in many ways it’s like you should try and explore all the options that are available to you once the gig is up as they say. That should still mean whoever you are providing your services to should be getting like 100% of your effort of course to make that project good. That would be silly if you are giving your personal projects more attention even though you are being hired for your expertise.

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