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Budget For Multiple Celebrations

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Mother’s day is coming up and I am sure most people are planning something for mom. An idea was thrown around that we would have one day where a ton of moms would be gathered to have one nice party of sort. Then the next day we would have a small one where it would simply be the immediate family. In many ways, it’s like celebrating the event twice.

Come to think of it, this happens more than I thought for myself. Example, sometimes even for events like birthdays people would have it on a day that isn’t actually their birthday due to accommodating to the time of others for a big party. Then on the person’s actual birthday the immediate family would still take them out to say dinner of some sort.

It definitely adds an extra expense in an effort to try to make the occasion personable and memorable. I guess like in these cases, do you personally have a budget where both events still have to abide to the total funds you set aside or would you simply treat it as two separate events with its own full budget? I know for myself, I would treat it as one budget for both. Otherwise it can get too carried away on how much you spend.

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