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Broadband Internet As A Basic Service Now

I was reading all the news recently on how Internet access services here in Canada are now considered a basic service necessity just like the telephone. About time I would say. I think the main piece of information that is interesting about this is how for speeds 50 megabits per second for downloading data and 10 Mbps for uploads is the target for this new implementation. As well, apparently ISP’s will have to offer unlimited data.

I guess in theory that should knock down prices for everyone too as there can often be a huge gap in price between 25 and 50 megabit plans at the moment. Although the other possibility is that companies can then jack up the price due to the new regulation as they have to offer people better services. I am actually surprised there are people who voluntarily still use dial-up for their Internet access. Yes, dial-up.

I guess for me financially it might be a good idea to semi hold off signing any kind of long-term contract for faster speeds until all this gets sorted. Even Google halted its fiber program in search of different ways to provide fast Internet access apparently. Still waiting for the day that we will all have lighting fast wireless Internet access wherever we go at a cheap price.

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