Big Company Spending Mentality When You Are Still Small

Big Company Spending Mentality When You Are Still Small

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Imagine this. A person is opening up a local business where he wanted to deliver items to customers. He started to research various shipping companies to do it but they all seemed kind of expensive. These weren’t exactly large items either but regardless that shipping expense can easily eat up his profits or he would have to pass the expense to the customer which many times means no sale.

This was kind of silly but straight forward where a person asked since he was a very small local business serving local customers why doesn’t he just deliver the stuff himself at the moment until he reaches to the point where he needs to potentially use a large volume shipping service like what the bigger companies do? Interestingly enough he mentioned that he just never thought of it.

Like one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moment huh? I can imagine this is due to us always believing we need to do and use exactly what all the other established players are doing. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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