Better To Get The Accessory Free With the Product
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Better To Get The Accessory Free With the Product

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The other day I was looking at portable chargers and I specifically wanted one that had the ability to fast charge devices. There were plenty of options with some good ones being as low as $15. I was also looking at USB cables where I wanted one of those nylon braided ones for extra durability. The price of them seemed rather expensive ranging from $6 to $12. That’s almost the price of the charger in itself when you think about it.

The good thing though was that most of the chargers actually come with a cable. The cheapest one I was looking at happened to have a nylon braided one as well. So it’s almost like paying $10 for the charger or so. In cases like this I would be inclined to say if I was just looking for the cable I would have probably bought the charger that comes with the item instead. You can then sell it if you wish or give it away as a gift for someone who needs it.

Accessories are one of those things that companies markup like crazy as that is where a ton of the profits comes from. So if you can’t find a good discount for the item alone it’s not too far-fetched to find cheap electronics that can be the same price as buying things like the cord alone where instead you will get an actual product too.

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