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Is Better To Run A Business Rather Than Find A Job As A Kid

Today I saw this video of sort that talked about a kid that ran his own Lego business. He had to do pretty much a lot of stuff you would expect from any other business such as having to pay rent. This made me think as just the other day I was with a mother and her daughter where they were making jokes about the daughter having to pay for stuff. The daughter joked she will when she can work as it is illegal for her to do so now. The mom agreed and said it would only be like two more years.

When you think of stories like these though it kind of makes you think that being an entrepreneur as a kid is the best option to go with huh? Even nowadays kids can do things such as create their own web stores if they really wanted to or sell things online through affiliate sites. Kind of ironic that you can’t technically work for someone due to a young age but you can work for yourself and start a business that can be even more difficult.

In many ways it does make more sense to encourage the child to be entrepreneurial as the way to earn their first dollar. Isn’t that what the lemonade stand is all about too?

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