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Believing That You Always Need High End Solutions

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I was talking to a person today about potentially doing a project and it was funny in many ways as it should just require some simple work. However, for some reason he is always insistent that you have to have the most expensive equipment and setup up otherwise you simply can’t do it. For example, imagine someone saying that you can’t take a photo at a wedding or something like that unless you use a $5000 camera.

I was thinking as in this person’s case this type of thinking has always been his reason as to why he couldn’t do big things in life. All you then have to do is look at all the other people who started by using the most basic and cheap stuff they had where once they were in a position to do higher end work they did. I think this is even truer for the digital age. Example, for things like people creating a podcast of sort a lot of people started out with probably some of the most budget microphones you can think of. Like there, to say you can’t start one because you need like $10,000 worth of equipment is in many ways self-sabotaging I feel.

I suppose the key is to stop comparing yourself to others who are in a different situation. Everyone has to start somewhere. As well, focus in actually just starting whatever it is you are doing. Otherwise before you know it another day has passed where you haven’t started anything.

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