Being Up To Date For The Sake of Business Opportunities

Being Up To Date For The Sake of Business Opportunities

I was having a conversation with a person the other day where they recently retired not too long ago and was saying how they still use things like a flip phone. That of course created comments on how fast technology changes and there was no point in trying to catch up as at this point they didn’t need to since they are retired. Although, a topic came up on how they were trying to find stuff to do during retirement and couldn’t think of much. Based on the person’s background I was able to suggest a lot of things one could do on the Internet as an example. This surprised them as it was a world that they tended to ignore simply because what they currently knew was good enough for their lifestyle.

That’s why it’s good to stay in touch with the latest stuff in many ways I feel even if you don’t have any intent in actually doing something new at the moment. Like saying in this case even though they had no intent before in like upgrading their phone to something more modern day being aware of what’s out there can in a sense create a lot more potential business opportunities for them as well. They were surprised at how mobile I was able to run so much of my own things as an example. Or even some very basic stuff such as they never even thought of say using all the video chat options viable to do things like consulting with all their experience if they wanted.

I guess a more common modern day example too is that some people are extremely brand loyal such as whether or not they use Windows of Apple as their main tech gear. Like in those cases there could be different things offered by both companies that aren’t available on both platforms. Therefore, even if you have no intent to use one or the other it’s good to stay updated knowledge wise so that you know the type of opportunities that are available to you should you go down that road. Keep updated for the sake of your future opportunities.

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