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Being Too Comfortable With Your Financial Security

Usually it’s a fear of loss that gets you to take action on anything I’d say. With that in mind I was told of a person today that has it all set financially as a result of an inheritance. The problem now it seems is that since the person has more money than he knows what to do with he now goes through life in a very cautious way as the fear simply isn’t there when it comes to running out of money.

For example, we all know that that things like crime happen all the time. Now that he has the money he has hired a personal security guard. This is a simple residential home too. When he now gets sick for the slightest circumstance like a cold he now seems to neglect any kind of self assessment and would automatically assume that he is having say a heart attack. Therefore, he would always pay extraordinary fees to get a personal service to whiz him to the hospital for a check up.

To each his own I suppose. But one way I have personally avoided this type of mentality is to constantly get involved with activities or even work that puts you in the shoes of the everyday person. I find that this helps to keep you grounded in terms of fully appreciating what you currently have and therefore the money you get afterwards is just a bonus. You really do learn that so many things which you think you need you really don’t.

Eventually it becomes a situation like while you could hire someone to spoon feed and cut your meat it just seems silly that you need to spend money to do it I’d say.

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