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Being Taught To Treat Certain People Better Financially

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There was a scenario today which made me wonder how many others would do the same thing if the situation arose. Essentially, I went to a restaurant today for a small family gathering and in this place you would check off what you want from the menu which they would then make. Afterwards they return the list of what you ordered and then proceed to cross them out as the food is brought to your table. For one of the orders the staff seemed to have made an error as they accidentally made and charged us for something that was more expensive. Their error was apparent too since you can clearly see which dishes were marked down.

However, it was decided that we wouldn’t make a fuss about it as it will potentially get one of the workers in trouble and so we just ended up accepting the dish and the higher price tag. I was advocating though that it should have at least been brought to their attention because as a business they should want to correct their mistakes. Otherwise they will likely not even be aware that they are making these kinds of mistakes.

It does make me wonder though as I pretty much guarantee if this wasn’t a formal restaurant but rather a fast food chain that most people would have no issues in returning the item and asking for a new one. That makes me wonder, why is it that way? In both cases you could argue that asking for a new item could get the person in trouble in terms of their job evaluation.

It makes me think too about things like tipping where people say in the food industry you tip people because you know that the wage they make is very little and so they rely on those tips to survive. Again though, you could argue it’s the same for like a person that works in a fast food restaurant. So why is it so different there?

Funny enough, even for this I don’t think I have ever been told an official story on how this habit has developed. Maybe someone out there has an actual story or tale about this to shed some light.

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