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Being Sold The Same Water

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This was kind of an interesting story I read today about the company Nestle and how for its bottled water business it literally uses the same water sources that people here would get out of their tap. You can read a bit more abort it here:

Interesting report as for the most part it seems like the company is taking advantage of the very lax laws that we have here. It made me wonder too how do people feel in that area where it’s almost literally like they are charging themselves one dollar for water that they can get for free? It must be a shocker too for many people as the assumption is bottled water must be healthier in some ways. Like in this case though, it’s literally the same thing except it’s packaged.

I would be curious if people would still be inclined to purchase that particular brand after reading something like this and if people will now feel ripped off as a result. Would be interesting how the company counteracts all this as well.

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