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Being Scared To Change Providers Despite Significant Savings

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Cell phones bills are still one of the most shocking I find when people tell me how much they pay a month. Just today a person was looking to find ways to save some money and I discovered that he paid almost $100 a month just for his cellphone. By the looks of it, most of the cost came from the use of data.

I then suggested that he look into other providers that may better suit his lifestyle and usage. However, the main thing holding him back was the notion of switching providers and how it can potentially create new problems that he never experienced before. As a result, he would rather just pay the excessive fees. I hear this pretty often with a lot of other services such as web hosting or even home Internet services.

I think a key way that I have overcome this fear of switching mindset is to actually calculate and write down exactly how much I would be saving financially by making the switch. For example, it might not sound much if you saved $50 a month as the fear of things going crazy could cost more. However, looking at it in a year where you save $600 puts a different perspective to it. Suddenly, you start thinking of so many other ways that you could use that money with. In many cases, that is enough to get people to change.

It’s almost like how companies get people to emotionally sign up for services by advertising that you can get something for free worth hundreds of dollars. Start showing yourself how much you can save using big numbers too and that may motivate you to not let the fear factor stop you from potentially saving a lot by trying other services if it seems better.

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