Being Paranoid In Acquiring Your Own Food
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Being Paranoid In Acquiring Your Own Food

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Over the weekend my dad went on a small trip with some of his friends and he came back with a whole load of seafood that they caught themselves such as fish, oysters and muscles. Because he got so much, he wanted to give it to other members of the family as well.

My brother had an interesting comment about that as he was wondering whether or not it was safe to eat since they caught it themselves. That immediately made me think of the tap water story I wrote about yesterday where most people can’t help to think that if it doesn’t come in some kind of package or store it much be very dangerous to consume.

I bet if you really needed to save money doing things like this in terms of trying to acquire your own food the natural way can save a lot of money. I once saw a person who actually had his own garden where he grew some vegetables as a hobby. Similarly, he seemed very paranoid about consuming it since he grew it himself.

I always have the thought that what you are paying for when it comes to things like these are not necessarily better in terms of quality or safety, but rather you are paying for the convenience of having someone else doing the work for you.

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