Being On a More Expensive Service Plan For Perks
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Being On a More Expensive Service Plan For Perks

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Today I was reading how the phone carrier I am using decided to drop one of its popular phone plans from $45/month to $39/month. I happened to have a grandfathered plan that costs $40 a month and is virtually the same thing. So would it have been wise to change to different plan to save one dollar? Interestingly enough, the answer was no.

You see, the company has incentives for you to renew a contract where the higher monthly bill you have the more perks you get. In this case, have a plan that is at list $40/month qualifies you for a $250 credit on a new phone. Under that you can only get about $150. So obviously, if you were planning to get a new phone it’s actually better to be on the more expensive plan.

That’s a good reminder too that sometimes getting the more expensive service plans can provide you with extra spiffs and perks that can save you more money in the long run. So don’t just look at the price tags as opposed to the overall value of the packages.

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