Being More Valuable Overseas

Being More Valuable Overseas

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A person was telling me of a story where a person didn’t have a very good reputation among his peers in a specific industry. Because of that he was rarely hired for any work. But for that one time he did work on a job he essentially used that as a selling point to tell people that he is a professional in the field. The local people knew what the real story was overall though and so that one experience didn’t mean much. But people overseas highly valued his experience and therefore actually offered him a ton of money and opportunities to move to their area.

This actually happens a lot where various places could value things in other countries so much that they feel any kind of accomplish there is worth gold. For example, regardless of how good the person actually is having some kind of education from a certain country can often be viewed as elite in another country where the person will automatically get more opportunities as a result. So it’s not surprising why some people try hard to get into various places.

I guess that’s something to think about where if you want to go big there could be other countries that will highly value what you have to offer.

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