Becoming A Professional Drone Flyer Due To Fees or Not

Becoming A Professional Drone Flyer Due To Fees or Not

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So today in Canada there was a big announcement that drone laws here will undergo a drastic change such as people having to take an exam while registering their drones. Otherwise you would be breaking the law. This is as opposed to how it currently is where many people have bought the items simply for fun and as a way to capture video on trips and adventures with no need for any formal license and fees. Because of this it was interesting to hear how so many people mentioned that they may as well start a drone business if they have to go through all this to use the product.

Does that sound far-fetched or perfectly logical? Many times people do create a business based purely on something they did for fun as a hobby. I haven’t seen many people who make a hobby their business because the expense in doing it just for fun is too expensive. Would be like you enjoying hiking so much where many of the annual fees for certain locations are so expensive that you decided to create a tour guide business to justify the expense.

So if you were a drone flyer would you actually think of creating a business because of this? I would imagine like anything you will still have to invest heavily in other things if you plan to make it a full time business anyways. Although creating a part time business for your hobby where you can enjoy it and get paid sounds intriguing as always.

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