BC Welfare Food Challenge – $21 For A Week – Part Two
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BC Welfare Food Challenge – $21 For A Week – Part Two

Today was an interesting day as it got me thinking if I should return an item for what seems to be a better deal.  As usual, watch my video below for my day’s recap for those who prefer it.

Shopping knowledge was the big theme for me today as many times I found myself finding great deals but at the same time I was lacking the knowledge of what would be the best value diet wise in conjunction with cost.  As mentioned before, stores usually change its prices today and so I decided to quickly visit various stores.

Sure enough, there were a lot of new deals.  These deals I saw on a different brand of sardines got me a little upset as it seemed to be a way better value than what I paid for as you can see here:



This is why I usually try to avoid buying a lot of products that are not a great deal.  Like in this case, if I just blew my $21 in one day it would be very frustrating financially to see all these better deals.  However, I am thinking at this point of returning one can and using it towards a different purchase.  That’s one of good things about shopping in a big boxed retail store where it’s usually easy to do returns on unused items if you are unsatisfied.

Another reason that got me thinking was I visited one place that had various fishes on sale.  You could say, I was really dumbfounded by the prices.  Like here, $1.78 and $2.52 for these:



It really made me think about the canned items and if I should just buy like that $1.78 package which looks like it should last way longer for the price.

At the same time, because of my lack of knowledge on food in general I was able to find a lot of deals but didn’t really know what would be a good supplement for what I already have.  So for the most part I didn’t buy items because of this obstacle.


However, during my trip I saw a great deal for eight apples and I decide to buy it.  The cost of it?  $1 as you can see here:


That was honestly the only “healthy” thing I kind of knew for sure that would go reasonably well with what I have.  So that knocks $1 off my budget leaving me with $4.02 cents.  If I decide to return that can of sardine I would get 94 cents back which might be wise based on budget.

My meals for the day was mostly the same.  Except since I bought these apples today I had one too.  So food wise, I am still feeling good and confident with my spending so far and am not currently worried about not having enough.  I have been reading some people’s comments and how they are going through withdrawal by not having items like coffee.  That’s why when I saw this at the mall it got my attention:


It seemed like Tim Hortons is giving way free coffee for a period of time.  Of course, for this welfare food challenge we are not allowed to take anything for free.  So if anything that is putting salt on the wounds for coffee lovers.

What this day made me think of so far is how if you live a life like this for a long time it is probably so important to have a good support system.  Like here, I bet if you teamed me up with someone that actually knows say the best ways to prepare food on a budget or what types of food have the best health benefits this whole thing would be a lot easier.  Either that or I take the time to try and re-educate myself.  Do people on welfare get this kind of support usually?  That I don’t know personally.

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