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BC Welfare Food Challenge – $21 For A Week – Part Six

What a hectic day this was as well as learning some interesting public feedback about this welfare food challenge. Sorry, rush post today as I am blogging and cooking at the same time. Video below for my day’s recap.

Today was interesting as work wise I agreed to do so many things which kept me busy all day. For one of the work I did, as mentioned yesterday meals were provided to people and this is what my friend got just as an example of the food I could have gotten too:


I didn’t take it though as that would go against the rules of this food challenge. The interesting thing was this generated curiosity from people on why I wasn’t eating. I then explained to them about the challenge and the reactions were interesting. Essentially, people either thought it was a good way to create awareness, thought it was funny or was very cynical about it in general. That got me thinking on how maybe the way the message is being communicated isn’t ideal for everyone.

For example, I was reading some comments online where many people want to support the cause of poverty, but when they see certain pictures and the shopping habits they can’t help to focus and criticize that only. Example, buying canned beans as opposed to packaged ones where you have to make yourself. It seems to make people lose focus.

I haven’t been able to read everyone’s experience, but knowing those kinds of attitude and comments made me think that maybe this puts me in an interesting situation as I don’t think anyone is going to say I didn’t save a lot of money for example. It’s too bad I didn’t find anyone who was willing to show me how they shop as a welfare recipient too as it was something I wanted to do in the beginning of this challenge. Because as I mentioned in the beginning, everyone has different circumstances which I feel is something we all need to understand to see what the solution is.

One day left for the challenge. I am pretty satisfied so far on my spending and just hope all the supermarkets didn’t ninja change all of the prices as I will probably need to make one small final purchase. Giving my final thoughts will be fun too and hope to read more opinions on the matter.

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