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Bargaining By Having All The Money In Hand

I heard a deal that went through today where someone was trying to sell their business and had two people who were interested in buying it. The funny thing was the person that offered less money ended up getting the sale. The reason was that the person who offered more had to go through a loan process in order to get the money to buy the business whereas the other guy had all the cash now and was ready to buy it. Sure enough, the seller was willing to take like $20,000 less solely for the fact that the guy had the cash for it right away.

I often see this a lot in markets usually such as people flashing their wallets and saying they can buy the item now with all cash as the main bargaining tool. Not surprisingly that works a lot of times too as the seller has less hassle such as having to deal with say credit cards. Sometimes you need to plant that point into people too where the fact that you have all the money now should give them an incentive to just sell it to you even if you are offering less as ultimately that can mean savings for the seller too.

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