Avoiding Not Knowing What To Spend Your Money On
Financial Management

Avoiding Not Knowing What To Spend Your Money On

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I was having a conversation today with a person and for some reason or another the area where we hung around appeared to have a lot of retired folks. There wasn’t anything out of the extraordinary as it seemed like it was just people gathering together and having a few meals. The person then telling me that most of those people are retired and simply don’t know what to do with their money and a a result they just do things such as go out and have meals. That then brought up the topics such as how others who are not in any kind of financial obstacle would do things such as go to the casino as they don’t know what else to spend their money on as they just want to do something with it.

It kind of makes you think too as there are a lot of people who save for no purpose other than people saying that is what you are supposed to do as you can’t work forever. So when it comes the time that they have all this money they just buy say a super expensive car as you need to spend it on something so to speak. I think for myself the key thing is to recognize that money is just the means to helping you achieve something as opposed it being the focus in general. Example, for some their ultimate goal may be to create efficiency in the world and so that constantly gives them continuous goals to strive for where you then want to earn the money to help you with it. You can even use the more simple example of growing a family too.

I can’t imagine being in that situation where I would just buy like a mansion with an airport in the backyard for example because I can’t think of what to do with it. I think in that scenario I would rather spend the money in exploring new things to hopefully get some inspiration in what the next goal would be. So if anything, grow yourself I say if you have an excess amount of funds.

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