Avoiding Early Day Closeout Sales
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Avoiding Early Day Closeout Sales

DAnier Leather Canada closeout

There was news here that a large chain of stores called Danier Leather is closing down and as a result they are holding sales where you can get up to 75% off purchases. The immediate thing that ran across my mind is how there are probably going to be so many people buying stuff thinking that they are going to get a great deal when in reality a lot of the initial prices probably won’t be that good. It’s just one of those things where many of us are programmed to assume we are getting killer prices that you wouldn’t normally see.

From what I heard, some stores still have like four months left on its leases. As you can imagine, this means they aren’t in a desperate rush to sell off the inventory anytime soon. If anything, a lot of the prices will probably be at a “regular sale” price. The closer it comes to the lease expiry date the better the deals will truly be as they have to be out of there. In many ways it’s no different than like say when Target left Canada.

So remember, just because something is advertised as a closeout sale doesn’t mean you will necessarily get deals you couldn’t have gotten before on a regular day. Just wait a little longer and the price difference can be tremendous.

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