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Automatically Limiting Yourself As An Adult

drone lake balloon

Today I heard an interesting comment from a person where he saw me flying the drone which he thought was very cool in many ways while seeing it as the way of the future. He was definitely in the older age range and as a result he made a comment on how that is why you should never grow up where being a kid enables you to try out anything.

That remark was very confusing to me in many ways. Like for this example why would being a full grown adult stop you from doing stuff like that? Like anything it just takes practice too. I was then thinking how many people in their adulthood perceive themselves as incapable of learning new things as if they are like a computer hard drive that is full.

To me personally it’s not about being a kid or adult but rather being open minded to learning new things. At the same time not worrying too much about “screwing up” in order to learn. I think as we go through life we tend to fear failure too much where as a child that’s how we learn and grow. I guess the balance is stay being an adult with all your life experience to do things efficiently while maintaining a sense of curiosity as a child.

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