An Automated Billing Lifestyle

An Automated Billing Lifestyle

The other day I was wondering what was wrong with a company as I told them that I wanted to cancel a service. I was aware that the guy is like a one man operation and so I was a little more forgiving in not getting a quick reply and all. I know for sure he had read the notice as the service was cut off as expected. However, I then got sent e-mail invoices that were asking for payment. So I responded by saying there was an error. I didn’t get a reply from that though and a few weeks later I get another e-mail reminder that the invoice was due. That then made me realize that this guy has all of his billings set to automatically get sent through services like Paypal where he doesn’t really stay active with the billing part of the business.

In many ways it made me think how if you are starting a home based business that is not a bad idea in a sense to try and develop something where you don’t necessarily need to be hands on with the billing and collections all the time. That does limit you on the type of things you can do of course. But even for selling stuff nowadays even companies like Amazon enable you to send your products to them where they will handle all the billing and shipping afterwards. So all you need to is wait and collect your payments.

Even if you make less in having to pay into a solution to do this it actually might make sense from the amount of time you can potentially save. Not only that, it would allow you to simply focus on generating more business. Of course, like in this example that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore your accounting duties too.

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