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Auto Fill Tax Data Inform

auto tax fill canada revenue

So here in Canada I got this interesting mail that talked about how there is an official government service that seems to give you the ability to auto input various income statements that you normally receive from third parties. It indicates on the site for example about slip stating this:

“The CRA receives tax information from third parties. It will have most tax information slips and other tax-related information for the 2015 tax year available by early March 2016. If the information is not available, it is possible that the CRA has not yet received it. If that is the case, please try the service again later.”

Basically, you shouldn’t have to receive the information from the third party to then enter yourself as usual. At this rate I wonder if you will ever have to do anything yourself when it comes to tax returns if the government already has all of your information on file. In some ways it is kind of a redundant process if they already have the information yet you still have to submit the information.

Of course it is not quite there yet as there are still too many other items such as write-offs or people who have elf employed income.

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