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Asking Within Your Network Before Making Big Purchases

I had a friend phone me today and we haven’t seen each other in a while. He wanted my opinion about a site he was thinking of starting up and so he shared with me about some of the financial details of his venture. Example, how much he has spent for a domain and hosting so far. Apparently the company gave him a one year contract where the host and domain will cost about $300 a year. Holy cow was that expensive for what he was doing.

I immediately told him about this and his reaction was kind of funny. Basically, he was saying on how in his mind he really wanted to ask somebody like myself first but for some reason he thought it was a good deal based on reviews. Even I was saying how I know this area very well and he should have felt free to ask for advice. That got me thinking how you shouldn’t be afraid to ask people within your network of contacts to see if anyone can help.

Or at minimum, simply letting everyone know what you are up to and have issues with might even result in volunteers stepping forward. We all need each other at some point for our unique expertise.

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