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Asking For The Public Push More

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Recently I was asked out of confusion on why one of my projects didn’t seem to be achieving the same level of success as others where a person was saying the quality I put out seemed to be better than most. My only thought to that was that it was a passion project where I don’t treat it like a business and figured if people ever want to promote it in a big way then it will naturally happen. That then brought up a conversation on how I should actively ask for more promotions and shout outs even if it is as simple as having a small bit of text on my work to give people the idea to do that.

In many ways it makes sense especially if you are doing something as a business. Often times we get so caught up in just doing what we love where sometimes we forget there is a business promotion aspect to it. It’s like the saying on how you can have the best restaurant in the world. But if nobody knows about it then how would it ever grow? I always feel weird about that for passion projects though.

I guess the happy medium would be to just include some kind of small message such as if you are writing then it would be in like the footer of the page. Anything more intrusive and I feel it would no longer be about whatever it is you are doing as opposed to trying to say make a profit.

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