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Asking What A Person Wants In A Job

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This is one of those conversations where the answer seems so simple that it makes you wonder why we over complicate it. Awhile back I was having a conversation with a former co-worker as we discussed about the great times we had in making a company number one in Canada. As well, the mind boggling management decisions we have seen which resulted in a lot of hard working people deciding to go elsewhere.

I first gave the example of how one person decided to not recognize people for their hard work and that leaving had nothing to do about money. Like for myself, passion had a lot to do with wanting to work for the company where money is more of a sign of fairness. My friend was then saying the way he was able to retain a lot of people was that he simply asked everyone what it is they wanted out of the company. He would then try his best to accommodate that. As a result, people were very loyal to him.

You know, as silly as it sounds a lot of people don’t do that. The simple notion of asking people what they want out of a job can tell you so much. This is as opposed to assuming everything always comes down to money for example. Too often people are treated like a number in a business environment I find. In reality, everyone has a goal and aspiration where things like a job is a way to help obtain that goal.

This includes if someone is purely doing the job for the joy of it as that can tell you for example that giving them too much management responsibilities can cause them to not enjoy it anymore. Don’t be afraid to ask and learn more professionally about the people that work with you to create an environment where everyone is helping each other.

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