Asking For Food Stamps With Money Leftover
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Asking For Food Stamps With Money Leftover

This was a controversial piece that was kind of going viral online where someone made a post on Twitter on how she made $16 an hour and can’t even get food stamps to help her survive financially. So assuming she works a standard 40 hour work week, before tax and deductions that means she should earn about $2560. She broke down her monthly cost to show how she simply needs more financial help. She stated $1569 for rent, $230 for a car monthly payment with $200 in insurance. As well, $40 for her cell phone.

In total, that should be about $1832 in expenses which would mean not including any groceries for the month and before any deductions she should have about $728 left for food. That’s where the controversy lies as you should be able to eat fairly comfortably and even save some money with that amount. I was thinking, if the argument is she doesn’t work full time hours then one may want to look into things such as why one would be paying $200 a month in car insurance.

These types of topics always makes me wonder why the first reaction for many would be that they need more government support versus actually breaking down the numbers and seeing if one can actually change something to make their situation better. It reminds me of the topic before where there are some people that get income assistance where they actually save hundreds of dollars a month where the controversy is whether or not they are abusing the system in getting that funding. The thing to think about there is if they can get by comfortably and save money it should get you to think if you are overspending on certain items.

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