Appreciating Other People’s Time And Money
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Appreciating Other People’s Time And Money

I was watching that Kitchen nightmare show yesterday and there was an interesting theme that talked about how the general manager of the restaurant was ineffective in his role. The interesting comment was how he was being labeled as a person who was scamming and taking advantage of the owner of the restaurant by pretending that he didn’t do anything wrong. Of course, he was very defensive about that.

Most people that I have met are usually very open when they know that they have done a below par job and then somehow try to make up for it. It’s one of the main ways to grow as a person I’d say. At the same time, you can’t help but to have that feeling that you took something without equally giving back in those situations. The funny thing is for the people who don’t want to admit it, just like the above example, I usually see them get very defensive while trying to justify their actions in almost everyway.

I think it come down to appreciation. All the people that I have seen personally that do become extremely defensive in these types of scenario don’t really have the same level of appreciation for time and money as others. Of course than can be an extremely generalizing statement, but that has been true for the most part that I have seen. If you take a lot from someone, then you should give a lot too I’d say.

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