Being Anti Holiday Shopping
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Being Anti Holiday Shopping

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Today is Valentine’s day which usually means buying a ton of stuff in order to show your love for another. It was interesting as I asked a person how he was celebrating the day with his wife and the first reaction was they thought the holiday was a sham in general just to get people to buy things. Generally speaking it is kind of true as supposedly the day was invented by retail companies kind of like that Singles Day event.

It makes you think in general though how many times we spend money on events like these because we are essentially told by companies that if you don’t buy or give anything on that day then somehow that means you don’t truly care about the other. Would most people have too much money at the end of the day if they simply ignored shopping events like these?

Although I can imagine people will get socially frowned upon by not doing so where in a silly way it’s almost like a tax for people.

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