The Amount You Will Spend Versus The Dollars You Will Save
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The Amount You Will Spend Versus The Dollars You Will Save

canada electric car rebate $11,000

I was reading this piece of news recently how around here there is a rebate incentive of sorts to get people to buy green friendly vehicles that are say electric. As result one could get up to $11,000 if they trade in their old car to purchase a green friendly one. $11,000 sounds like a ton of money to the point where it seems silly not to take advantage of it huh?

I was then looking at some of the prices though where for the most part it seems like you would have to spend that much as well if not more. It’s almost to the point of literally buying a new car. Would that dollar amount you save still be tempting?

electric car prices 2017

That’s often the immediate thing I look at when buying anything with huge discounts. How much do I end up spending still? Especially in cases where I have items that are still functional for the most where this would be an upgrade. Otherwise financially it’s too easy to just buy things simply because you have the coupon where you technically did save money on the retail purchase but not overall.

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