Amazon Prime Day Felt Like A Gimmick

Amazon Prime Day Felt Like A Gimmick

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Like many people I decided to revisit the Amazon’s Prime day sale. As you may know last year was extremely underwhelming for all the hype it got where people dubbed it as a “Garage Sale” in many ways. While there were some good deals, to me personally there wasn’t anything extremely mind shattering. Funny enough there was a deal that caught my attention for the wrong reasons. In this case there was what seemed to be this tiny elephant that you can get for “free” by registering for the site’s baby registry. So in many ways this kind of showed me that they weren’t trying too hard this year to get people I would say. Would you sign up for a Prime account to get this? Here in Canada we don’t exactly get the same features as the US sites either for the membership.

free love gifte elephant

If anything I was just seeing if there were any good prices on potential gifts for Christmas as it can be a good idea to start shopping now for things you feel that may be good for others. For example, I think all this Pokemon stuff is going to be pretty big and so seeing these “Amiibo” for like $5 when they are usually like $15 is not a bad way to save money for gifts.

There were the usual odd price variance such as how you could get a 5TB and 6TB hard drive for the exact same price. Why wouldn’t you get the larger one? The best no-brainer deal I think were the gift card deals such as if you buy $50 you can get $10. That is assuming you shop at Amazon usually of course.

seagate 5TB

seagate 6TB

All in-all, this was definitely no Black Friday or Boxing Day I feel. When you factor in the membership here is like $79 it’s not really worth it for a one day shopping event as most of the deals I saw can be found elsewhere in different times of the year. If anything, this is more life a spiff for if you like the service in general.

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  • Anthony Aurelia 6/22/2021

    Completely agree. Unless you are looking to buy into the Amazon ecosystem, products like an Echo or Firestick the deals were very lackluster.

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