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Amazon Free Shipping Increased to $49

amazon shipping increase $49

Looks like Amazon announced today that in order to qualify for free shipping online you will now have to spend at least forty nine dollars. That’s quite a change. Books seemed to be unaffected. Here in Canada the free super saving shipping option is still at twenty five dollars it seems. My assumption is that they want to encourage more people to sign up for its Amazon Prime service of course. It made me wonder if at that price point I would be inclined to shop less or the same.

amazon shipping rate canada

Usually when online stores have this high of a minimum purchase to get free shipping I wouldn’t shop from them unless I am specifically buying an item that is at the minimum free shipping price point. However, many retailers have other options where you can have the item delivered to a post office for free.

It’s kind of tricky too as this is often my favorite place to shop online. I am usually one of those shoppers who tend to stick with one company for most of my purchases unless it just simply doesn’t make sense financially anymore. Wonder if any other companies will capitalize on this increase.

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