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Airport Like Prices At A Fair

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So today I had to stay at a local fair for a fairly long time. I didn’t happen to bring my own meal and so I decided to dine out. I must say, the prices were so astronomically high this time around that it was almost as worst as an airport. For example, a bottle of water is like $3.50 and even simple things like a small slice of pizza would be like $5 on its own.

The funny thing is you could walk just outside of the area and there are a lot more traditional restaurants that offer good items as well for a lot cheaper. In that case though, does it seem too weird to go “out” to eat and then go back in afterwards? A lot of people say they pay the crazy costs anyways as it is more for the experience. Of course I don’t exactly know what the rent is like for vendors to be there to justify the high prices or if it is simply capitalizing on what the crowd is willing to pay.

Another reason I hear on why these prices are acceptable is for most people it is once a year anyways. When it comes to unique items I can kind of see that. But with things like packaged drinks that are literally the same thing to me it’s strange to not just walk one block outside to get it cheaper for example.

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