Airline Taxes Sure Are Lengthy

Airline Taxes Sure Are Lengthy

Looks like I will be doing some traveling this week and that meant scouting for good ticket deals. While there are a multitude of search engines you could use such as or even Google’s own search to get ticket prices from the major airlines to compare, the final bill is funny to look at.

The taxes are almost as much as the round-trip tickets. I don’t usually pay attention to these details and so reading all these items such as “September 11 Security Fee” or “Canada Airport Improvement Fee” is a little odd. Almost reminds of the “System Access Fee” when it came to cell phones here awhile back in many ways where you don’t question it.

Now I need to plan a travel budget as this is a very last minute trip. In many ways I am thinking of just winging it financially as the frugalness and all is pretty much ingrained in me where I will still probably look for the best deals while I am there. I don’t want to end up in a situation where while you are there you say “who cares” when it comes to money only to regret it once you get back home.

With these airport taxes though, it makes me wonder if there will be more surprises on the actual day. I plan to travel very light too where it can fit in a carry-on bag. We shall see.

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