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Air Quality Is Pretty Bad Here In BC

Recently there has been a lot of forest fires here in BC and that has created a lot of smoke in the sky. There was even this satellite image from NASA where you can see on just how big the smoke is from outer space. Virtually everyone I know including myself could smell smoke in their homes where some thought something was burning in the house. It even triggered alarms at some places I heard.

Of course it is being recommended that people who have respiratory conditions to stay at home. Financially, a day like this always makes me think if I have invested enough in my health as well. For example, I have often used an air purifier in the home which was definitely good for days like these. At the same time, even physically I have often invested in things such small appliances to make fresh juice to stay healthy.

Usually it’s too late if you wait until something bad happens to start investing in these types of tools as we are all usually too concerned with fashion and entertainment items. I even know people who simply can’t take the condition due to a lot of factors such as being heavy chain smoker. It’s not uncommon for many to invest in health products simply for cosmetic reasons. Hopefully this shows you should be investing in your own health as well just for the adventures of everyday life in general.

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