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Adapting To Trends To Get the Discounts or Scream Unfairness

pokemon go pne free opening

The annual fair called the PNE is opening its doors today and interestingly enough there is usually free admission on the opening day in the early day. However, this year they seemed to have gotten rid of that promotion. Instead, it seems the fair is placing a different promotion where it hopes to take advantage of the Pokémon Go craze. As you can see, they are offering anyone who shows that they have the Pokémon Go app installed free admission to the fair.

This got a lot of people to yell how this promotion is ridiculous and excludes a huge amount of people. On the flip side even people who don’t play the game say it only takes a few seconds to install. But like in cases like these are you inclined to just go with the trend to take advantage of the deals or would you instead try to fight the business to just give you the same regardless?

When I think about it personally I don’t see how this is different from people signing up for things to get deals or wearing certain costumes to get a discount in the spirit of an event. To me anyways it’s just a business trying to attract more people. If it’s free I say why not let them try it and see what happens? In this case too I highly doubt they would be doing this if their regular promotions were still working very well.

Almost the same from transitioning from less paper coupons to using more store apps to get deals. You could argue that is unfair for those that don’t have a mobile device. At the same time I would be inclined to say if you want those extra deals then you need to be prepared to adapt as well.

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