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Actually Wanting To Wait Last Minute For Shopping

Surprisingly a lady was telling me today that she is going to avoid all of her Christmas shopping until the very last minute. My immediate reaction was that by doing that all the good deals must be gone and not to mention that you will have to fight the crowds.

Apparently from her experience she is usually able to get the best deals at the end because many companies actually have Christmas clearance sales at the last day before the holiday since most stores close down on Christmas day and want to get rid of stuff for the days or so that they missed in sales. While I can easily see this happening for perishable items, it must be hard for gifts like clothes or toys.

Although, one thing that did make sense on why it worked for her is that when she buys gifts she buys based on what she sees is available in-front of her and determining if anything would be suitable for certain people. So of course this won’t work too well if you are trying to buy someone items that are in demand. But in general you have to be one savvy shopper to accomplish this.

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